Tracking Simplified

Tracking campaigns has never been this easier. Drag and drop some nodes and you are done. It's that simple.

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Funnel Builder Demo

Visual funnel builder

Your brilliant ideas deserve a powerful funnel builder. It will help you implement your promotional strategy with extreme ease. Complex funnels are not an obstacle any more.

Multiple conversion types

You are not limited to a single goal per campaign, from now on, you can track everything from "Click throughs" to "Puchases" and "Upgrades", "Up sells" or even "Email opens". Seriously! your imagination is the limit.

Unopinionated stats engine

What if you could shape your states however you like ?! Group by any metric you want, drill down to any depth you desire for a more granular view of your campaign performance.

Data privacy

Raacan is a self hosted solution, giving you full control over your data. Privacy is no longer a concern.

Unlimited events

With a self hosted solution like Raacan, you are not bound to a limited number of events, install it and then track as much events as you want.

Very fast redirects

Raacan is very fast at redirects even under heavy load.