The New Way Of Building Highly Profitable, No Guesswork, Marketing Campaigns

From high converting & lightning fast landing pages to conversion tracking tools, get everything you need to move from RED to GREEN without guessing...

Map It However You See Fit

Want to fire a Facebook pixel event when and only when the user clicks a Call to action? Easy, just drag a connection and you're done... Once you're used to it, it's really hard to go back to old methods, messing with source codes and hoping it works...

What You See Is What You TRACK

This is as far as clarity can go, everything you map is tracked, from events that are fired automatically (like Click Through in this image ), to events that you import from your affiliate networks... Nothing comes close the flexibility you'll get with Raacan.

Track Every Asset Possible, Including Pages You Don't Own

As affiliate marketers, we know that clicks are destined to be sent to an affiliate offer at some point, Raacan makes it easy to track those clicks while allowing you to attribute conversions back to the original traffic source.

Build Landing Pages With A Powerful Free-Form Page Editor

This isn't your traditional page editor, Forget columns and rows, just drag what you want where you want it, and you're done...

Conversion Tracking Out Of The Box

See exactly what works and what doesn't, track events (that you previously mapped on your funnel), and act fast without the guesswork, confidently reallocate budget where you know it will deliver your desired ROI, and did we mention you no longer have to mess with tracking scripts?!

Simple UTM Tracking, No Complicated Setups

Forget complicated tracking parameters for each traffic source, UTMs are standard, and are supported everywhere and allow you to group segments of traffic and check their performance even across different traffic sources...

"... And Yes, This Page Was Built Using The Same Page Editor You'll Have Access To"